You are Covfefe

An average guy who just wants to save the world. You dream of becoming a politician, of impacting people’s lives. You worked your way through college on your own dime, working long hours outside of school to help pay tuition and with your excellent grades, you finally were able to nab yourself a highly coveted internship at the White House.

Though you disagree with a majority of the current administration’s policies, you’re excited to be working in your nation’s capital and are hopeful that this position will lead to much bigger and greater opportunities. Though as determined as you may be, you are still just an intern and are thus given the monotonous task of monitoring the President as he sits in the oval office and “works”, and writing a daily report for the Vice President so that he may keep tabs on his behavior. One fateful day, you come into work, sit down in your swivel chair, and turn on your monitor only to see something that makes you spit out your morning coffee and blast out of your chair in a hot fury.

After losing to the leader of North Korea in a game of “Words with Friends”, The President of the United States now has his finger on the red button and is seconds away from pushing it. If he depresses his finger no more than an inch, an arsenal of over 200 nuclear warheads will be launched into the sky, headed for North Korea. Retaliation would be swift, and catapult the world into a global catastrophe of world-ending scale. Seeing what little time you have left, you take it upon yourself to race through the white house to the Oval Office to stop The President by whatever means necessary. As you step away from your office chair, the timer starts, the music plays, and the game begins.

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Who are we?

Covfefe is a class project for CSCI526 (Advanced Mobile devices and Game Consoles) at USC.


Matheos Asfaw

Art Lead, Player & Obstacle mechanics

Teague Ashcraft

Mini-game design & Political Research

Eric Hachuel

Project Manager & Mini-game design

Adam Goldfaden

Player mechanics & Mini-game design

Pablo Giudice

Technical & Player mechanics lead

Bruno Mazetti

UI and Mini-game design

Ana Lucía Espinosa

Art Lead - Character and Background design

Juan Alvarez Porto

Art Lead - Character design

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This game is a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only. The purpose of contained stories is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions in any way. No malice is intended toward anyone or anything, nor should any be construed from the satirically based stories.